Black Lives Matter.

Black Rams Matter.

Black Anthropologists Matter.

Black Geographers Matter.

Words matter too – especially when accompanied by action and change. Here’s a collection of recent statements (some in full, some excerpts) from our professional societies recognizing and addressing racial injustice and the work to be done. We support these statements and their ideals and goals.


Association of Black Anthropologists: ABA Statement Against Police Violence and Anti-Black Racism (the following is an excerpt; we strongly encourage reading the whole statement on their website

ABA statement on anti-racism


Black Geographies, Specialty Group of the American Association of Geographers: Call for Transformative Racial Justice (excerpt):

Black Geographies Specialty Group’s Call for Transformative Racial Justice


American Anthropological Association: A Rush to Judgment Rather Than Justice

Screen grab of AAA statement following George Floyd death


American Association of Geographers: AAG Statement on Racism and the Death of George Floyd (PDF)



American Association of Physical Anthropologists: An Open Letter to Our Community in Response to Police Brutality Against African-Americans and a Call to Antiracist Action (excerpt):

AAPA statement and call for antiracist action


Society for American Archaeology: SAA Calls on Archaeologists to Confront Racial Injustice


Society for Cultural Anthropology in Solidarity with Black Lives and the Association of Black Anthropologists (excerpt):


We also encourage our community members to read the statements from the Colorado State University Office of the President Joyce McConnell, CSU Office of the Vice President for Diversity, and our College of Liberal Arts and Dean Ben Withers.