Geography Undergraduate Programs

Orienting Toward Success

Students in the undergraduate geography program at CSU are provided with a broad background in geographic thinking. We emphasize the traditional geographic focus of understanding dynamic interaction between humans and the environment with a specific emphasis of how this is affected by rapid global change.

A major and minor in Geography are degree options within the Department of Anthropology and Geography.

Geography Major

The Geography Bachelor's of Science degree emphasizes interactions between humans and the environment in an era of rapid global change. We believe critical study of diverse relationships between space, place, humans, built and natural environments allows students to interpret human and physical geographic features, patterns and processes.

The Geography curriculum concentrates specifically on mountain ecosystems and human-environment interactions.  Geography faculty use a wide range of research methods, including geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing, spatial modeling, spatial statistics, participatory methods, and ethnography to address applied research questions in Colorado, the Rocky Mountains, Patagonia, Southeast Asia, Latin America, Melanesia, and Africa. Undergraduate majors can expect to gain knowledge of and/or participate in faculty research related to:

  • Climate change implications for society and ecosystems
  • Land-use and land-cover change
  • Critical human geography
  • Critical Health geographies
  • Biogeography
  • Livelihood systems
  • Conservation
  • Cultural geography
  • Urban geography
  • Economic geography
  • Political/electoral geography
  • Geography of virtual worlds

The Geography major is built on the core values the Department of Anthropology and Geography promotes. These values emphasize experiential training, primary research, public engagement, and education.


Current Students

To declare a major, please schedule an appointment with Keri Canada by contacting the College of Liberal Arts Academic Support Center. Keri Canada is the Academic Success Coordinator for on-campus students in the Department of Anthropology and Geography. She is available to help students declare a major, gives registration codes, and assists majors with their undergraduate education plan.

Prospective Students

For prospective students interested in geography, we offer tours of our labs & centers, facilitate class visits, and arrange meetings with faculty and staff.

Geography Minor Options

The minor in Geography examines the critical interactions among space, place, people and the built and natural environment. These perspectives are used to interpret the spatial and temporal distribution of features and processes by applying spatial techniques and information technologies such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and remote sensing.



The Geographic Information Science and Geographic Analysis minor has broad interdisciplinary applications and is designed for students desiring to gain a background in the geographic theory, methods, tools and technical skills that will increase their employment potential in a number of applied fields where geographic analysis is a valuable skillset. Courses in this minor include analytical methods, applied lab work, and technologies that are relevant to urban and regional planning, conservation, marketing and business, archaeology, agriculture, engineering, and other fields.

Ready to Add a Geography Minor?

Email Academic Success Coordinator Keri Canada