The Associated Press, NBC News, and NPR’s KUNC note the Prison Agriculture Lab’s research

February 2, 2024

Carmen Ruyle Hardy


The research of the Prison Agriculture Lab – co-directed by Associate Professor of Sociology Joshua Sbicca and Assistant Professor of Geography Carrie Chennault – has served as the basis for a recently published Associated Press two-year investigation and special report, “Prisoners in the US are part of a hidden workforce linked to hundreds of popular food brands.” The AP report quoted Sbicca and published the Prison Agriculture Lab’s map of prisons with agricultural programs.

NBC News picked up the story and presented the lab’s map at 30 seconds into it’s 4:37-minute piece, “Investigation finds U.S. prison labor linked to popular food brands.”

Sbicca and Chennault were also interviewed last week by KUNC (NPR for Northern Colorado) for “Forced prison labor persists in Colorado despite a measure meant to outlaw it. CSU researchers explain why.”

Read more about the lab, and hear from Sbicca and Chenault in CSU’s The Audit podcast.