Anthropology Graduate Student Society

Anthropology Graduate Student Society

The Anthropology Graduate Student Society (AGSS) is open to all Anthropology graduate students as well as undergraduate students and community members with an interest in anthropology.  AGSS promotes scholastic excellence, critical thinking, and a positive educational and social environment for both graduate and undergraduate students. The goals of the organization include fostering community among anthropology students and faculty, providing students with academic opportunities to learn more about anthropology, and offering opportunities to gain experience in anthropological writing, analysis and publication.

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Furthering Perspectives

Furthering Perspectives: Anthropological Views of the World is a student-run and peer-reviewed academic journal published by the Anthropology Graduate Student Society (AGSS) at Colorado State University. Furthering Perspectives aims to foster collaboration among students and faculty, and to represent student research that reflects anthropological perspectives. 

Although the journal is primarily focused on graduate students within the anthropology department, editors and reviewers consider and accept submissions from anthropology undergraduates as well as graduate students from other departments who can demonstrate anthropological perspectives in their submissions.

EXTENDED! Journal editors are now accepting submissions for Volume 11 (2021-22) of Furthering Perspectives through February 28, 2022.
For more information, please read the Author Guidelines (PDF).

Submission deadline: February 28, 2022
Submissions: Nicholas Redford, Editor,

Past volumes of Furthering Perspectives are available online at Mountain Scholar, an online archive of Colorado State University.


2021-22 AGSS Officers

  • President: Katie Horton
  • Vice President: Nick Redford
  • Financial Officer: Mary Shirley Mitchell
  • Secretary: Hope Radford
  • Department Graduate Student Liaison: Alex Pelissero
  • Social Coordinator: Riley Lynch