Anthropology Graduate Student Society

Anthropology Graduate Student Society

The Anthropology Graduate Student Society (AGSS) is open to all Anthropology graduate students as well as undergraduate students and community members with an interest in anthropology.  AGSS promotes scholastic excellence, critical thinking, and a positive educational and social environment for both graduate and undergraduate students. The goals of the organization include fostering community among anthropology students and faculty, providing students with academic opportunities to learn more about anthropology, and offering opportunities to gain experience in anthropological writing, analysis and publication.

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Furthering Perspectives

Furthering Perspectives: Anthropological Views of the World is a student-run, peer-reviewed academic journal published by the Anthropology Graduate Student Society (AGSS) at Colorado State University. Furthering Perspectives aims to foster collaboration among students and faculty, and to represent student research that reflects anthropological perspectives. 

Although the journal is primarily focused on graduate students within the Department of Anthropology and Geography, editors and reviewers consider and accept submissions from anthropology and geography undergraduates as well as graduate students from other departments who can demonstrate anthropological perspectives in their submissions.

Journal editors accept submissions on an annual basis.
To learn more, read the 2024 Author Guidelines (PDF)


Tom Chittenden

  • Graduate Teaching Assistant
  • Masters Student

Tom is examining how upland ethnic minority groups in Vietnam address risk, grapple with changing economic circumstances, and alter their agricultural activities according to a changing social, ecological, and political environment. His advisor is Dr. Steve Leisz.

Past volumes of Furthering Perspectives are available online at Mountain Scholar, an online archive of Colorado State University.


2023-24 AGSS Officers

President: Rach Nyhart
Vice President: Tom Chittenden
Financial Officer: Lia Kitteringham
Secretary: Erin Gniewek
Department Graduate Student Liaison: Katya Zhao and Zoey Walder-Hoge
Social Coordinator: Reagan Ross
Graduate Student Council Representative: Seunghyun Woo
Graduate Workers Organizing Cooperative Representative: Alex Pelissero
Seminar Series Committee Representative: Ben Shirey


  • Local school outreach
  • World Anthropology Day
  • Seminar Series speaker lunches and meetings
  • Friday Afternoon Club
  • Flintknapping
  • Trivia and other activities with undergraduate Anthropology Club!