About the Department of Anthropology & Geography

In our programs, students gain an understanding of people and their cultures, both past and present.  We specifically consider how the human condition evolved by examining the impact of social, political, economic, and environmental systems on what it means to be human. Our programs integrate teaching with research by promoting real-world experience in the field and lab as well as through public engagement and education. Students in our department have the opportunity to learn valuable skills in both anthropological and geographic methods that they can leverage for careers in diverse industries.

Anthropology Programs

Our anthropology program focuses on archaeology, biological anthropology, and cultural anthropology. We offer an undergraduate anthropology major, three optional concentrations, and a minor. Post-graduate degrees are offered at the MA and PhD levels.

Geography Programs

Our geography program focuses on human geography, physical geography, and geographical tools and methods such as geographic information systems (GIS), cartography, and remote sensing. We offer an undergraduate geography major, a general geography minor, and a minor further specializing in GIS and Spatial Thinking.

Anthropologists and geographers are found in educational institutions, corporations, all levels of government, and non-profit organizations. The Career Center at CSU assists our students with achieving their goals. Our Career Education Manager Kelsey Schultz gets students to match their interests in anthropology or geography with potential jobs. In addition, our “Paths to Success” provide an excellent starting point for students interested in exploring careers.

Hands-On Teaching

We are committed to hands-on teaching and training. The department offers three field schools that provide experiential instruction in our anthropological focus areas: archaeology, cultural anthropology, and biological anthropology. Each field school uses geographical tools including GIS, global positioning systems (GPS), and mapping.

Professor working alongside a student in a lab
Professor working alongside a student in a lab

Anthropology and Geography professors maintain 15 Labs and Centers. Students interested in research are encouraged to contact the lab directors to discuss the possibility of volunteering, participating in a practicum, or completing an independent study.