Opportunities for Geography Students

Geography is the study of the spatial distribution of the Earth’s physical features and human societies, and how humans and the environment interact throughout the world. The questions geographers ask investigate the way human-environmental interactions vary and evolve across space, between places, and over time.

Initial questions investigated by a geographer

Where do people live?

Why are businesses located where they are?

How does the distributions of plants and animals differ, and why?

How have urban infrastructures changes over time?

Broader questions addressed by a geographer

What are the factors that influence the migration of groups of people?

What human-environment spatial interactions are contributing to climate change?

How are different groups of people adapting to changing climate conditions?

How do issues of place and space influence civil wars?

What is the role of the mining industry on human health?

Careers in Geography

The graduate in geography has the skills and insights to think independently and critically, communicate effectively, and function in a multicultural world. Options for geographers include careers in international development, education, natural resource management, government, law, non-profit organizations, and business.

Check out our suggestions for paths to success and careers in geography.

Geography at CSU

Our geography program provides a broad range of courses designed to provide foundational knowledge in the classroom and further engage students in experiential learning in our lab and field school courses.

CSU Geography Course Subjects Include:

  • Climate Change Implications for Society and Ecosystems
  • Land-Use and Land-Cover Change
  • Critical Human Geography
  • Biogeography
  • Livelihood Systems
  • Conservation
  • Cultural Geography
  • Urban geography
  • Cconomic Geography
  • Political/Electoral Geography
  • Geography of Virtual Worlds

Our undergraduate program includes a geography major and two options for a minor in geography.

The Geography Program Reflects the Overlapping and Diverse Research Interests of our Faculty

Opportunities for Geography Students

Geography students at CSU are encouraged to engage in research early. Faculty-supervised student research projects and independent studies may include a wide range of research methods, including geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing, spatial modeling, spatial statistics, ethnography, and participatory methods to address applied research questions in the Arctic, Antarctic, Colorado, the Rocky Mountains, Southeast Asia, Mesoamerica, Melanesia, Africa, and South America. These projects are made possible by faculty research facilities.

Opportunities to engage in original research with faculty mentorship

Opportunities to engage in original research with faculty mentorship in the field, nationally and internationally

CSU Geography Centers

  • Center for Archaeology and Remote Sensing

Student Testimonials

The geography program at CSU provides students with opportunities to learn through experience and mentorship. As a result, our graduates have followed paths to successful careers in non-academic and academic fields.



“All of the classes that I took from geographers John Lindenbaum and Jason Sibold were fantastic. Both of them love what they do so much. It is so refreshing and awesome.”
– Nicole Luchetta ‘16, Regional Placement Manager at EF Education First, geography minor



“My advice to current students is to learn work/life balance so you can both enjoy the college experience and be successful in your education. Take full advantage of internships and get to know your professors. If you show interest and keep them in the loop on matters in your life, they will always be ready and willing to help as well as be understanding if something comes up. Enjoy CSU because it is a fantastic school with solid professors.” – David Bowden ‘16, Disability Claims Specialist, Social Security Administration, geography minor