Internships and Practicums

Opportunities for Student Research

The Department of Anthropology and Geography has a variety of opportunities for students to assist with research and to develop practical skills such as GIS, artifact curation, geoarchaeological analyses, aerial and terrestrial remote sensing methods, and report writing. Opportunities are available to students with a solid academic record, a minimum 2.9 GPA, and a demonstrated commitment to their education. A letter of recommendation may be necessary.

ANTH 486 – Practicum in Anthropology

Students have the opportunity to complete 1 to 3 credits under the direction of a faculty member. A variety of experiences are available from assisting with research to hands-on work with archaeological materials. Contact an archaeology faculty member for more information.

The Department of Anthropology’s Archaeological Repository has ongoing opportunities for students to complete Practicums under the direction of the Archaeological Collections Coordinator. Currently students are working on an inventory project of the entire collection. Students will learn hands-on curation skills, have the opportunity to handle artifacts, and enter information concerning the artifacts into a database. If you are interested in completing a Practicum in the Archaeological Repository, contact Professor Jason LaBelle.

ANTH 487 – Internship in Anthropology

Undergraduate and graduate students are able to earn college credit and learn valuable skills while completing an internship. Students can customize their experience, to a certain extent, to suit their career goals. As a student, you have the opportunity to seek out a potential host for your internship or work with a faculty member to find a suitable host. The faculty member will assist with the pertinent paperwork, oversee the internship, and assign the grade.

The Department of Anthropology and Geography also works closely with the Career Center on campus as well as a number of partner organizations around Colorado and the nation to publicize job and internship opportunities for our students as they become available.

ANTH 295 & ANTH 495 - Independent Study

Independent Study offers students an opportunity to expand, enrich, or deepen their understanding of some aspect of anthropology. It is intended to provide opportunities for students to pursue a special interest in an area not covered by a regularly offered course. An independent study is undertaken in cooperation with a faculty mentor, who will assist in shaping and refining the proposal and supervise the actual project. It is the student’s responsibility to find an instructor willing to mentor an independent study.