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    • Associate Professor
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    • Geography
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    • Anthropology and Geography
  • Education:

    • Ph.D. in Geography and Development, University of Arizona M.A. in Geography and Development, University of Arizona B.A. in Environmental Science, Willamette University
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I employ mixed-methods to address research questions spanning health and environment interaction, resource politics, agroecology and livelihoods. My research investigates the complex conditions under which landscapes change, and ensuing socio-environmental ramifications. I then examine how outcomes of land-use change (from agricultural shifts and disease to new decision-making processes) are unevenly experienced among different groups of people. I am also interested in diverse understandings and practices of (ill)health and care.

Current projects in Ghana focus on alluvial gold mining, Buruli ulcer (a necrotizing skin infection), Bui Dam, and build from eight years of dissertation research with Mexican coffee farmers. I draw from political ecology, feminist theory, indigenous scholarship and accounts, development studies, and medical anthropology to frame my research.

My research always builds from community engagement and concern and has been funded by Fulbright, National Science Foundation, Fulbright-Hays, and Rutgers University’s Office for Global Advancement for International Affairs.

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Also, I love to teach! I have taught in elementary/middle/high school and university settings in South Korea, Oregon, Arizona, Mexico, Ghana, New Jersey and Colorado. Inclusion, social justice, student-led learning and creativity are at the heart of my pedagogical approach.

Political ecology; feminist theory; medical anthropology; development; critical health geography; livelihoods; food systems; land-use change; mixed-methods; critical pedagogy


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