Arianna and Ian conducting field work with Dr. Jason Sibold

As of June 20, 2018, Colorado State University students can declare a major in geography. The new B.S. in Geography at CSU provides a broad background in geographic thinking with an emphasis on the traditional geographic focus of understanding the dynamic interaction between humans and the environment in an era of rapid global change. Courses introduce students to the two main branches of cultural and physical geography, with advanced courses that focus on methods (e.g. spatial analysis, geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing) and topical subjects such as climate change, forest ecology, mountain geography, the geography of commodities, and land change science. Research methods including GIS, remote sensing, spatial modeling, and dendrochronology are used to address applied research questions in Colorado, the Rocky Mountains, Southeast Asia, Mesoamerica, Melanesia, and southern South America.

The Department of Anthropology has offered geography courses since 2008. Anthropology students have had the option of a adding a geography concentration and all students have had the option of adding geography as a minor. Interested in declaring geography as your major? Contact the CLA Academic Support Center at

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