Dr. Jason LaBelle, associate professor in the Department of Anthropology and director of the Center for Mountain and Plains Archaeology, along with his graduate student and project archaeologist for PCRG (Paleocultural Research Group), Christopher Johnston, edited the recent volume of Southwestern Lore, “The Lithic Caches of Colorado,” in the Journal of Colorado Archaeology.

Many of the articles were written by Department of Anthropology faculty, students and alumni:

Dr. Jason LaBelle, Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, CSU

Dr. Richard Adams, Instructor, Department of Anthropology, CSU

Connor Johnen, Michael Metcalf, Spencer Pelton, Benjamin Perlmutter, and Michael Troyer, Alumni, Department of Anthropology, CSU

Christopher Johnston and Halston Meeker, Graduate Students, Department of Anthropology, CSU

The volume consists of fourteen papers on various caches of stone tools found in Colorado over the past 85+ years. Some of the the caches date back to the Clovis era around 13,000 years ago.