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| May 10, 2016


College of Liberal Arts faculty honored at 2016 awards ceremony


by Rachael Johnson


Ann Gill, dean of the College of Liberal Arts, announced the recipients of the College’s 2015-16 awards at the Spring Faculty and Staff Meeting and Awards Celebration on April 27 at the Lory Student Center.


The awards acknowledge the accomplishments and efforts of the outstanding faculty, staff and volunteers within the College.


“Each year, this awards ceremony is a wonderful event, showcasing outstanding achievement in all aspects of faculty, staff and volunteer activity for the College,” Gill said. “This year’s awardees have made a tremendous difference in the college, and they represent the excellence that exists across the college in teaching and creative activity as well as in service, outreach and development activities.”


John N. Stern Distinguished Professor Award


Recognizes faculty who have demonstrated exemplary accomplishments in all aspects of their professional responsibilities over an extended period of time.


John Calderazzo, professor, Department of English


SueEllen Campbell, professor, Department of English


Ann Gill Excellence in Teaching Awards

Dr. Katherine Browne


This award recognizes faculty members who are instrumental in students becoming life-long learners, critical and creative thinkers, outstanding communicators and performers, and engaged and caring citizens of their various communities. CSU alumnus Dennis Repp established this award, naming it in honor of Dean Ann Gill for her personal excellence in teaching and her support of the College’s teaching mission.


Mac McGoldrick, instructor, Department of Philosophy


Elizabeth Sink, instructor, Department of Communication Studies


Kate Browne, professor, Department of Anthropology


Courtenay Daum, associate professor, Department of Political Science


Excellence in Teaching Awards


This award recognizes one outstanding teacher in each of the following categories: Tenured Faculty, Tenure-Track Faculty, Special & Temporary Faculty and Graduate Teaching Assistant.


Tara O’Connor Shelley, associate professor, Department of Sociology


Stephanie Malin, assistant professor, Department of Sociology


Tom Conway, instructor, Department of English


Megan DeMasters, graduate teaching assistant, Department of Political Science


Eddy Awards


The Eddy Awards recognize faculty members who have taught outstanding courses in the University Honors Program. These awards were funded by the remainder of funding in an endowment from the Eddy family and will be awarded this year only.


Carl Burgchardt, professor, Department of Communication Studies


Roze Hentschell, professor, Department of English


Outstanding Service Award


This award recognizes a member of the College who has gone beyond typical expectations to make outstanding service contributions to the University and to off-campus communities, demonstrating extraordinary leadership and professional service.


Irene Vernon, chair, Department of Ethnic Studies


Distinction in Outreach Award


The Distinction in Outreach Award is presented in recognition of a member of the College who has made outstanding outreach efforts, engaging the College’s academic mission of research, creativity, teaching and service outside the University.


Eric Ishiwata, associate professor, Department of Ethnic Studies


Distinction in Advancement Award


This award recognizes a member of the College who has made outstanding contributions toward strengthening the College by enhancing its image, supporting fundraising efforts and creating sustaining relationships among the College’s many constituencies.


John Straayer, professor, Department of Political Science


Distinction in Curricular Innovation Award


This award recognizes faculty innovations in areas including but not limited to program development, instructional methods, service-learning and technology integration.


Susan Opp, associate professor, Department of Political Science


Outstanding Volunteer Award


The Outstanding Volunteer Award is presented for the first time this year in recognition of a volunteer who has made outstanding contributions to the fundraising efforts of the College.


Phil Hewes, co-chair, Liberal Arts Development Council


Faculty Development Award


This award provides support for outstanding research and/or creative activity, and is funded by participants in the Great Conversations Speaker Series.


Pamela Coke, associate professor, Department of English


Nick Marx, assistant professor, Department of Communication Studies


Kyle Saunders, associate professor, Department of Political Science


Silvia Soler Gallego, assistant professor, Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures


Leif Sorensen, assistant professor, Department of English