Faculty and staff at Colorado State University showed positive support for contingent faculty members on February 25, 2015. Dr. Ann Magennis, a biological anthropologist in the Department of Anthropology, said that she supports her colleagues “because they are not getting the pay, recognition, or job security they deserve.”

Contingent Faculty
Photo Credit: Erin Hull, The Coloradoan

Dr. Magennis continued, “It is clear there is a demand for adjunct faculty, so they should be provided with living wages and other similar benefits. There is just not much funding. Across the country, states are diminishing the money they are willing to provide for higher education and the number of administrative positions has ballooned at the expense of faculty. I am reluctant to encourage students to get a Ph.D. Why? Why bother if you cannot get a job?” Tony Frank commented that he is proud of what CSU has accomplished for the contingent faculty; however, there are still many issues that need to be addressed.

Original article in the Coloradoan