Beyond digging in the dirt: CSU researcher uses geophysical, digital exploration to investigate North America’s first city

Geoarchaeologist Ed Henry and colleagues received a $312K NSF grant to investigate the mounds at Cahokia, the largest and most influential urban settlement of the Mississippian culture in 1050 C.E., using magnetometry instruments that are non-invasive and non-destructive.

In Remembrance: Barbara Hawthorne

In Remembrance: Barbara Hawthorne (1949-2023) April 30, 2023 Joshua Zaffos CSU Anthropology instructor and university alum Barb Hawthorne passed away February 2023 (Image via Tim Moore) Colorado State University anthropology instructor and alumna Barbara Hawthorne passed away this February, leaving a legacy as a compassionate teacher and practitioner who helped developed some of the department’s […]