Kate Browne Heralds Liberal Arts “Life Kit” in 2023 Commencement Keynote Address

Josh Zaffos

January 19, 2024

Kate Browne
University Distinguished Professor Kate Browne.

Anthropology Professor Emeritus and University Distinguished Professor Kate Browne returned to the Colorado State University campus on December 16, 2023 to give the Fall 2023 Keynote Address at the College of Liberal Arts Commencement.

Browne, who retired from CSU in 2021, currently resides in Santa Fe,, New Mexico, and continues work in disaster preparedness and applied anthropology, including involvement with the Culture and Disaster Action Network.

“She is living proof that a Liberal Arts degree can take you wherever you want to go,” remarked Michelle Stanley, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies for the College of Liberal Arts who introduced Browne.

During her address, Browne emphasized the value of a liberal-arts education and challenged graduates to take risks in the world and to use their knowledge and skillsets to make positive change in the world.

“Your classes have helped you develop the habit of curiosity, haven’t they?” Browne said. “To research, to dig in, to feed your inquisitive spirit. You’ve learned to exercise your imagination, to see possibilities where they don’t appear to others. You’ve learn to read with care and write with clarity. These are critical skills you develop through the liberal arts and these are the makings of a tool kit for life. We could call it a life kit. So with your life kit in hand, how will you choose to move forward from here?”

Listen to Browne’s complete speech via Youtube: