Ethnographic Field School

2020 Session: July 1 - 30 (UPDATED - TENTATIVE)

Summer 2020 Session

The Ethnographic Field School in Risk and Disaster is a 4-week summer program taking place on the island campus of Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi, Texas. The field school will provide hands-on training in qualitative and quantitative research to better understand perceptions and realities of risk and varieties of human adaptation following disaster.

Want to learn more? Check out the Research Report (link to PDF via Dropbox) compiled and published from results from the 2019 Ethnographic Field School Study.

We have shifted the 4-week, 6-credit program from June to July.
Colorado State University is monitoring the status of COVID-19. These dates remain tentative until mid-May when a decision about our Field School will be made.

Read more about updated plans for the Ethnographic Field School in Risk and Disaster here: On! Ethnographic Field School, JULY 2020 (PDF)

Additional information and links to applications and scholarships below.


Field Course Instructor

Dr. Katherine Browne
Professor, Cultural Anthropology

Katherine E. Browne

  • Professor Emeritus

2020 Session: July 1 - 30 (UPDATED)

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Questions? Email Dr. Katherine Browne
Director, Ethnographic Field School



UPDATED DEADLINE: Thursday, April 30, 2020

Field school enrollment is limited!
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Out in the Field

See and hear about the Ethnographic Field School for Risk and Disaster and what the 2019 field session crew accomplished!

Financial Aid

Anthropology and Geography Field School Scholarship

The Department of Anthropology and Geography will provide modest financial support for Colorado State University undergraduate and graduate students to support Archaeology, Ethnographic, Land Change Science (Geography), or Paleontology Field School endeavors. Funds shall be used to help cover necessary expenses associated with field school costs including tuition and supplies. Scholarships are made on a competitive basis.

To be eligible for the scholarship, you must:

  1. be a full-time graduate or undergraduate student enrolled in the College of Liberal Arts,
  2. have an overall and in major 3.0 GPA,
  3. be enrolled in one of the department's field school courses (**see more details below)
  4. complete a 500-word essay describing the chosen program of study, your interest in the specific program, how the completion of the program will further your career goals, and how you expect to be affected by participation in such work.

** To enroll in field school courses, students must apply to an individual field school and then be accepted into the program and course. More information on the field schools are available on our website, including contact information for field school directors.

Field school courses include:

    • Archaeology Field School: ANTH 260, ANTH 460/660 (summer course)
    • Ethnographic Field School for Risk and Disaster: ANTH 442 (summer course)
    • Land Change Science Field School: GR 382A (summer course)
    • Paleontology Field School: ANTH 470 (summer course)

To apply, click the button below and complete the form and upload your materials. UPDATE: Applications are due May 8 by 11:59 p.m. MST. A committee appointed by the Department of Anthropology and Geography Chair shall select the recipient(s). Applicants will be informed of the selection by April 30.