CSU Paleontology Field School Rides Again in Summer 2021 

Out, Standing in the Field CSU Paleontology Field School Rides Again in Summer 2021  Joshua Zaffos  Natalie Freeman, Anthropology and Art double-major, collecting fossil materials from the Willwood Formation in the Bighorn Basin Colorado State University Anthropology student Natalie Freeman is doubled over, staring at the sun-scorched ground of the Wyoming badlands. A few yards away, Isabelle Dones, another […]

To find a Palaeosinopa, stare at the ground in the Badlands

by Rachel Bockrath On the morning of June 26, 2016, we set out for the field, another day of collecting.  The tops of the hills look like freshly made brownies, in colors of red, orange, grey, and even deep purple.  It looks like the set of a movie taking place on another planet.  The badlands are desolate, where […]

A New Field Season Record: Students Find Over 640 Fossils

by Kimberly Nichols Working in fossil beds dating to 56-53 mya in the Bighorn Basin in Wyoming, the 2016 Colorado State University (CSU) Paleontology Field School crew, with the addition of visitors from the CSU Department of Anthropology, Dr. Joe Sertich of the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, and former Paleontology Field School students […]

Paleontology Field School 2015

The 2015 Paleontology Field School was extremely successful. This year’s crew set a record for field accessioned fossil specimens (over 500), assisted with quarrying (a first for the field course), and helped to determine the boundaries and potential of one of the most important Colorado State University field localities. The Department of Anthropology’s Paleontology Field […]

CSU Anthropology Student Research: Early Eocene Primates in Bighorn Basin

Luke Weaver, an anthropology major with a minor in geology, presented his capstone research project, “Lateral and temporal distribution of early Eocene primates in relation to relative paleosol maturity, Willwood Formation, Bighorn Bason, Wyoming,” at the Western Association of Vertebrate Paleontologists (WAVP) Conference Luke Weaver, an anthropology major with a minor in geology, presented his […]