“Here and Now:” Anthropology students take a hard look at COVID impacts on livelihoods

“Here and Now:” Anthropology students take a hard look at COVID impacts on livelihoods Joshua Zaffos For all the worry, isolation and loss of the COVID-19 pandemic, a group of Colorado State University anthropology students have found a surprising – positive – outcome: Nurses, teachers and even restaurant wait staff and other service-industry employees experienced […]

Conservation and Anthropology Meet in Utila, Honduras

by Suzanne Kent Faculty member Suzanne Kent, Ph.D. and M.A. candidate Cheri Smarr-Foster assisted with an ethnographic research project on the small island of Utila, Honduras in July of 2016.  They worked in collaboration with a team, including the research lead, Keri Brondo, Ph.D. of the University of Memphis.  Luis Chévez Contreras with the Bay […]

Anthropology students conduct ethnographic research with Otterbox

Earlier this month students taking ANTH 487, a course dedicated to academic-based work experience with a local organization, and their instructor, Dr. Tamara Hale, held a client kick-off meeting with Otterbox, a leading maker of smartphone covers, at their headquarters in downtown Fort Collins, Colorado. Students following a practical “Introduction to Design Anthropology” class, led […]

CSU Anthropology Student Publishes an Ethnographic Cookbook

As part of her senior Honors thesis, Dr. Snodgrass’ Colorado State University Honors Program student, Madison Brandt, has created and self-published an ethnographic cookbook. For this book, Madison cooked with and interviewed the people and chefs of Fort Collins (both professional and non-professional) to document their food, recipes, lives, communities, and culture. The book really captures […]