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  • Position:

    • Professor
  • Concentration:

    • Archaeology
  • Department:

    • Anthropology and Geography
  • Education:

    • Ph.D. in Anthropology, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas, 2005 M.A. in Anthropology, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas, 2000 B.A. in Anthropology, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado, 1995
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Director, Center for Mountain and Plains Archaeology

Dr. LaBelle is an archaeologist interested in Native American foragers inhabiting the Great Plains and Rocky Mountains of North America, with research spanning several periods over the last 12,000 years. His current work involves landscape level survey and testing of prehistoric and protohistoric sites surrounding the Lindenmeier Folsom site, a National Historic Landmark. This project will serve as home to the CSU Archaeology Summer Field School beginning in 2009. His research interests include grassland/foothills/mountain ecology, playa lakes, hunter-gatherer site structure, hearth cooking technology, lithic technology, and the history of archaeology. Past fieldwork has taken him across the Plains of Colorado, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Montana, New Mexico, Texas, and Wyoming. In addition to teaching and research, he is also the Director of the Laboratory of Public Archaeology (LOPA), which houses archaeological collections and associated data from academic and contract projects located within the Platte and Colorado River Basins. Dr. LaBelle is currently President of the Colorado Archaeological Society (1000+ members) and has actively worked with avocational archaeologists throughout the Plains in documenting their collections. He has published articles in American Antiquity, Archaeometry, Current Research in the Pleistocene, Geoarchaeology, Plains Anthropologist, in addition to book chapters and technical reports in the academic and contract realms.
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Environmental and Landscape Archaeology; Peopling of the Americas; Contact Era; Foragers; Great Plains and Rocky Mountains; Lithic Technology; Public Archaeology


  • ANTH140, Introduction to World Prehistory

  • ANTH350, Archaeology of North America

  • ANTH455, Great Plains Archaeology

  • ANTH456, Archaeology and the Public

  • ANTH457, Lithic Technology