Assistant Professor


  • Office Hours:

    Tuesday 2:00–3:30pm; Thursday 3:30–5:00pm
  • Role:

  • Position:

    • Assistant Professor
  • Concentration:

    • Biological Anthropology
  • Department:

    • Anthropology and Geography
  • Education:

    • 2017 - Ph.D. in Hominid Paleobiology, The George Washington University
    • 2013 - M.Phil. in Hominid Paleobiology, The George Washington University
    • 2009 - B.S. in Evolutionary Anthropology, Rutgers University
  • Curriculum Vitae:


I am a paleoanthropologist interested in the ecological context and spatiotemporal distribution of ancient hominins. I use quantitative methods to understand and account for the fossil record's propensity to distort ecological and evolutionary patterns.

Interests: paleoanthropology, human evolution, macroevolution, macroecology, paleoecology, taphonomy, mammals, eastern Africa, quantitative methods.

Current projects:

(1) Understanding how time-averaging alters the ecological information contained within fossil mammal assemblages. This is done in collaboration with Dr. Kay Behrensmeyer (Smithsonian) by analyzing her 50-year mammal skeletal dataset from Amboseli National Park, Kenya.

(2) Documenting large mammal diversity patterns through time and across space in the Omo-Turkana Basin, eastern Africa.

(3) Because the incompleteness of the fossil record ensures the spatial and temporal distribution of hominin species is underestimated, I use quantitative models to infer their "true" spatiotemporal distribution.



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  • Human Origins and Variation (undergraduate)

  • Human Evolution (undergraduate)

  • Contemporary Issues in Biological Anthropology (graduate)

  • Research Design & Analysis in Anthropology (graduate)