The Bone Lab

The Bone Lab provides students with hands-on experience with subjects & topics related to biological anthropology focusing on the evolutionary biology of humans, primate skeletal biology, primate adaptation and evolution, human paleontology, and modern human adaptive variation. Course taught within the lab include: Human Origins and Variation Lab (ANTH 121), Human Evolution (ANTH 373), and Bipedal Apes (ANTH 378).

Clark C249

Equipment & Software

Standard osteometric and anthropometric devices (calipers, osteometric boards, etc.)


The Bone Lab houses a large collection of human, non-human primate, and non-primate skeletal remains. Our primate skeletal collection includes over 100 specimens from over 30 different species including: lemurs, old world monkeys, new world monkeys, and apes. The lab is also home to the fossil primate and hominin cast collections. We have over 240 specimens representing the past 6 million years of human evolution. This includes specimens of SahelanthropusArdipithecusAustralopithecusParanthropus, and Homo.