The Audit: CSU’s Prison Agriculture Lab researches the roots, impact of the prison agriculture industry

There are more than 600 prison agricultural programs currently in the United States, but very little data looking at the how, what, and maybe most importantly, why of these programs. Colorado State University’s Prison Agriculture Lab is looking to change that. Co-directors Joshua Sbicca and Carrie Chennault talk about the lab’s recently published landmark dataset analyzing the different types of current prison agricultural programs, as well as the underlying drivers behind them.

CSU Anthropologists Host Paleoecology Summit 

CSU Anthropologists Host Paleoecology Summit June 24, 2022 Joshua Zaffos Researchers who study the evolution and adaptations of Homo sapiens and other hominin species across hundreds of thousands to millions of years face a constant challenge: reconstructing long-long-long-ago paleoenvironments. Not surprisingly, ancient fossil records are incomplete and imperfect, and while some species may preserve well, many […]